Getting Started

Design Variable Method

A sample file is provided below to demonstrate the file format needed to run the software. Download this file, return to the homepage and upload it.

It is assumed that the user is familiar with details of the design variable method discussed in the ARR chapter.

All details and parameters are provided using this file. The format of the file is shown below and allows for multiple header lines and a generic size (nrow x ncol) table of water levels. The header lines, the size of the table, the table values, the AEPs and the dependence parameter are freely changeable to suit the problem.

AEPs are used to specify the extremity of the margins because this is more flexible than having to provide extra detail to the software about the marginal distribution.

File contents:

Generating Samples

The sampling page allows random samples to be exported. A separate input file is required. A minimum specification is for 'ntot' samples and at a certain level of dependence 'dep'. An additional option is to mask the output, demonstrated in the figure below. The mask requires one or more thesholds {x1,x2,y1,y2} to be specified and a logical expression. The logical expression may use 'and' or 'or' providing () brackets are used. The brackets must not have a space with the inner expression, but there must be a space between operators {<, >, and, or}

File contents: